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Three Essential Products in a Men's Skincare Routine

Three Essential Products in a Men's Skincare Routine - Provalo cosmetics

While most men may not be skincare junkies, basic skin care is essential for every man. With the changing time and climate, skincare has become the need of the hour. Proper skin care can help prevent skin problems such as acne, ingrown hairs, razor burn, and other forms of irritation. These issues can be uncomfortable and may also lead to scarring or hyperpigmentation. Moreover, exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants can cause damage to the skin, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. By using skincare products that contain antioxidants and sun protection, men can help prevent premature aging and keep their skin looking youthful. Taking care of your skin is beneficial not only for your physical appearance but also for your overall health and well-being.

Three Must-Have Grooming Products In Men’s Skincare Kit

Since most men like to keep their skincare simple and fuss-free, we have narrowed down the list of skincare must-haves to three.

1. Cleanser

A cleanser always comes in handy during the humid months when the face is a sweaty mess. Cleansers should be a part of a man's daily skincare routine, as they give your face a boost of freshness and hydration while removing impurities, dirt, and oil. With all the sun exposure, a men's cleanser works as a magic potion, washes away the grime, and helps improve overall skin health. Categorized as per the skin type, a facial cleanser should be the first product that pops out of the grooming kit always and every time.

2. Toners

Toning is an integral part of the skincare routine for both men and women. It helps tighten the pores and gives the skin a shine. The best options are hydrating toners without alcohol packed with antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals without stripping it of its moisture. In addition to this, toners brighten the skin tone and boost hydration. It strips away the dead cells and grime from the skin's pores and helps in the absorption of other skincare products.


No matter the skin type, moisturization is a must. A moisturizer gives the skin much-needed conditioning and keeps the face soft and supple. Hydration moisturizer works for oily skin, and deep moisturizing lotion works for dry skin. Moisturizer helps in hydrating the skin, protects the skin's barrier, prevents ageing by reducing fine lines, and balances the skin's natural oil production.

Which Skincare To Choose Depending On Your Skin Type:

First things first. Before beginning any skincare regime, it is important to know your skin type. The skincare products you choose will address different skin concerns. Hence, the first step of a good skincare routine is finding out your skin type.

There are five types of skin. Let’s deep dive into each in detail and learn what skincare products would aid those skin types.

1. Normal Skin :

Normal skin is well-balanced skin that is neither too dry nor too oily. This skin isn't prone to breakouts and blemishes. The skin is soft and supple, and the large pores are hardly visible.

Despite the fact that people with normal skin do not have any specific skin issues or concerns, a good skincare regime is needed for skin health and glow. The ideal skincare routine includes maintaining your skin’s hydration by locking in the moisture and protecting your skin barrier.

2. Oily Skin :

People with oily skin have an oily T-zone. People with this skin type have greasy skin, which is a sign of increased sebum production. This skin is prone to breakouts resulting in acne. Large pores are visible in this skin type.

Most men have oily skin types, so you’re not alone. All you need to do is create balance. The skincare routine for oily skin is a 3-step process: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. The cleanser washes the grime and oil off the face; the toner balances the skin's PH level, prevents excess sebum production, and makes sure that your skin doesn't get dry. Lastly, when it comes to moisturizer, make sure you use a lightweight option that lets your skin breathe.

3. Dry Skin :

People with this skin type suffer from flaky skin. The look and feel of the skin are rough and scaly. People with dry skin feel itchy, irritated, and lacklustre due to a lack of hydration and lipids. The skin is usually tight due to less elasticity.

It is advisable to be cautious when choosing skincare products like cleansers and moisturizers. Dry skin edges slightly into sensitive skin and may react to alcohol, parabens, and fragrances, which leads to an increase in dryness. When looking for cleaners, toners, and moisturizers that include collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and mineral oils that will pack moisture into the skin.

4. Combination Skin :

As the name suggests, this skin type experiences both dry and oily skin. The skin is oily around the forehead and nose but tends to be drier around the cheeks and chin. Blemishes are seen in oily areas.

Here's a skincare routine you can opt for for combination skin: Start by washing your face twice a day. It removes dirt, oil, and impurities without drying the skin. Avoid harsh soaps or scrubs, as they strip away the essential oil and can irritate the face. Exfoliate once or twice a week, as it helps remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, resulting in reduced oil and breakouts. A toner can help balance the pH of your skin and remove any remaining impurities. Look for a toner that contains ingredients like witch hazel, rosewater, or aloe vera, which are natural astringents and hydrators that can help reduce oiliness and soothe dry skin. Use a moisturizer that is lightweight and non-greasy but still provides hydration to dry areas of your face.

5. Sensitive Skin :

People with sensitive skin are vulnerable to surrounding environmental factors such as UV lights, dry air, wind, and other hormonal factors. The impact of the same is characterized by the redness and dryness of the skin. When the skin becomes uncomfortable, it feels itchy, tight, and dry.

Less is more! The smaller the number of products that you use, the smaller the number of ingredients, and therefore, the less chance you have of developing a reaction to one of them. It is important to use a gentle face wash. However, don't use it too frequently. In addition to this, gentle exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Natural chemical exfoliants (like AHAs) tend to exfoliate in a much more uniform way. On top of that, alpha-hydroxy acids also act as antioxidants, which stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanisms and collagen production, helping to keep your protective lipid barrier strong. Keep your skin well moisturized; this helps to create a strong and healthy skin barrier, which will ward off both dryness and sensitivity. Sensitive skin can show extreme reactions to the sun, so you must use sunscreen every day, whatever the weather.

Skincare Is The Answer To All Your Skin Woes

Beyond just looking attractive, taking good care of your skin is crucial. Your skin is vital to your overall health because it is the biggest organ you have. It can assist and take care of you if you take care of it. This is why having a well-planned skin care routine is so crucial. Daily skin care is something that is definitely worth your time and effort. You are more likely to make healthy decisions throughout the day if you wash their face in the morning and at night. A thorough hygiene practice and a skin care programme. By doing all of these things, you can be inspired to improve your diet and increase your exercise. Everything contributes to a happier, healthier you.

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